Born during the war. Rebirth of life. 🇺🇦New Ukrainian sustainable brand RDNT

The new Ukrainian brand created by Andre Tan for the conscious generation helps express
themselves to the world without limits.

Born during the war in Ukraine, RDNT sheds light even in the darkest times and spreads
messages of independence, individuality, freedom of expression, and thirst for life.

"RDNT stands for Radiant, radiant with joy. Like a protective shield from evil, sadness, and anger, the label is for those, who care about eco-friendliness, innovation, and happy living. It is a comfort zone"

- Andre Tan, famous ukrainian designer

The primary idea of the young Ukrainian brand is to be present at the moment, enjoy life,
and be genuinely happy from the inside. Inspired by the aura color chart, the color palette
includes yellow, blue, green, pink, and purple shades. The print in the first RDNT drop is an
interpretation of water, which symbolizes the main element of life.

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Oversize hoodies and jackets, colorful cycle shorts and crop tops, T-shirts, bold bodysuits with accent cuts, and deconstructed jeans – all pieces of the streetwear brand are unisex and free of stereotypes. Most items have signature cutouts of RDNT, resembling a smile or

Caring about environment

The designer used an innovative fabric made of recycled plastic. The material, which looks like cotton, regulates heat transfer and absorbs moisture.

Future of RDNT

In the future, the brand is planning to launch a production facility in Ukraine that will run on renewable solar energy.

Underline a conscious desire to be happy!